Storage - Optimisation

Are you are often wondering how to gain or save space in your home ?

The car no longer fits, the garage becomes unusable, because it has been transformed into a storage room, food storage, DIY corner or laundry room… Tools and other dangerous products become easily accessible to children. Over time, everything piles up and getting your hands on something becomes laborious.

It is important to find storage solutions!

Mobilier garage
Mobilier garage

Do what you love doing, in the best possible conditions!

For those passionate about cars, motorcycles or bicycles, this is the space in which to welcome them and which will give you pleasure and relaxation.

It is still necessary to be able to bring them in!

A well-appointed garage will always be of great help. Tools will no longer pile up in bulk and spare parts will not be forgotten at the bottom of boxes, when they have their place in large drawers and large practical cupboards.

  • Gained space
  • Easy access
  • Better work organisation


Bring in car, motorbike and / or bike but also tidy up and tinker? Motorcycle, at the bottom or on the side? Get out of the car to access the shelves? Integrate the compressor without loss of space? Requirements, water points, electrical outlets, passageways, windows, doors, daylight? The garages are all different.

By taking all these points into account, it becomes easy, thanks to the use of our 3D tool, to simulate the organization and implementation of the layout.


Optimise room space by redefining its various functions. You will make better use of your room volume and access contents more conveniently.

Make better use of your space at long last!

Shelving rarely takes advantage of the height under the ceiling, and yet there is a considerable volume to be gained.

Our cabinets are 2m10! Finally, optimized vertical storage and space saved! And if necessary, let's go to tailor-made and adapt 100%, the height of your cupboards to the height of your ceiling. You will be able to enter your vehicles and move around freely!

Store your cleaning products high up, away from little hands!



Your garage should reflect your passion. It also needs to be suitable for storage for all the family.


With passion, We have been designing, producing and installing tailor-made garage and workshop fittings, for individuals and professionals since 2010.
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