Aménagement rangement garage

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Mobilier garageAre you are often wondering how to gain or save space in your home?

When your car no longer fits into the garage or when you are too embarrassed to open the garage door, it is time to take a glimpse at our storage solutions.
The family garage does not always have a specific function. Often it is used for storage, for occasional DIY activities, food storage or in some homes, it is even used as a laundry room...
Mechanics and repair people use it as a workshop, so often tools are easily accessible to children. As time goes by, things tend to pile up and finding something you need can be difficult. In short, the space is used inefficiently, yet it could be put to better use!

Do what you love doing, in the best possible conditions!

mobilier rangement garage

For people with a passion, it is also the only room where they can store their favourite objects that provide them with pleasure and relieve stress.
But first, room needs to be found in the garage!

Whether you have spent the last 15 years improving your home or whether you are repairing the most amazing machine, a well-organised workshop is extremely useful. Over time, tools get stacked up together and various spare parts are scattered around in boxes... These can all be tidied away in wide drawers and large practical cabinets.

  • Gained space
  • Easy access
  • Better work organisation

Do you always wonder why a simple drawer cabinet is not enough? Imagine your kitchen with a just a basic camping table to prepare meals on...

Optimise room space by redefining its various functions. You will make better use of your room volume and access contents more conveniently.

A well thought out layout is the key to the solution.

If you need to park your cars and motorbike in the garage, but also store items and do some DIY, then a simple layout study will be very helpful. Should you park the motorbike at the back of the garage or on the side? Will you have to drive the car out to be able to reach something on the shelves? Where should you install the compressor without taking up too much room?

Some fixed installations cannot be changed, for example water and electrical connections, passageways, windows and doors.
Garages have different geometric shapes. If you like to work with daylight, then you need to decide whether the ideal workshop should be installed lengthways or transversally.

The optimal layout for your worktop, benches and storage cabinets is calculated according to your requirements.
Taking into account all these aspects, we can simply use our 3D tool to simulate the organisation and implementation of your layout.

Make better use of your space at long last!

Usually, shelves are not fitted up to the ceiling, yet this can make a considerable difference in terms of storage volume.
This is why our cabinets are up to 2.10m in height! The best possible vertical storage solution to save even more space! Park your vehicles and still be free to move around!

Despite there being plenty of dust in the garage, cleaning is not done very often. TRM's cabinets are therefore closed and have a smooth finish to protect your objects. Admit it... With so many tools to dust, who has not already abandoned or put off the idea of cleaning the shelves?

Store your detergents high up, safely hidden away from small children!

Your garage should reflect your passion. It also needs to be suitable for storage for all the family.