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Professional workshop furniture

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Set up the workshop, it reflects your image and the quality of your know-how!

Today the workshops are no longer hiding! Yours is no longer up to your service, this must be remedied ... It is the center of operations and maintenance actions for your customer's vehicle, an object so dear to him. It is entrusted to you to be "cared for". The impression left at first glance is essential. Maintenance is undergoing impressive changes, both in terms of complexity and in terms of invoicing. These developments call for visual justification, in order to be accepted by the customer whose trust you are looking for. The workshop, a new visible space for your activity, is a room that your customers want to see in order to be comforted in their choice. It is also proof of the good health, organization and method of your company. The loyalty of your customers goes through your professionalism and your quality of services above all, so equip yourself with TRM GARAGE, the right tools to achieve it!

Our PRO solution:

TRM GARAGE with its experience, creates for and with you, optimized workspaces, using 3D simulation. We bring you, above all, solutions and not catalogs ... Workbenches, storage or waste area, oil, hydraulic station, compressed air, etc ... Our achievements are based on the reliability of an industrial partner manufacturer, with 70 years of existence, recognized in the world of industry, aeronautics, watchmaking, defense, transport or nuclear. Our Pro range, all in metal, is designed for intensive use, in 3x8, 24/24 ... it is guaranteed for 10 years!

All-metal furniture, fully configurable:

  • Worktop height from 85 to 105 cm
  • Worktop depth from 57 to 85 cm
  • Choice of colors from a wide range, and even the RAL of your choice!
  • Drawer interiors in removable bins, metal partitions, or non-slip mats
  • Drawers of your choice from 50 mm to 300 mm in height, equipped with roller slides, they can support up to 200 kg of load
  • Workshop trolleys, storage areas, reels, air, oil, electricity etc ...
  • Locks with keys, RFID chip or digital code
  • Workbench coating in stainless steel, nitrile, solid wood

Carry out the workshop that suits you!

3D study, realization, pre-assembly or installation, by us. Our professional furniture is guaranteed for 10 years and will not fail to fill you in your activity. Everyone should be proud of their workshop, find out how by clicking below!

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Your workshop is your image

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