Etabli 212 cm Charges Lourdes

Workbench heavy loads 212 cm - ETMG01

This workbench is 210 cm wide and 90 cm deep and features a 50 mm thick worktop.
Offering ideal, comfortable working conditions, this bench is also extremely robust thanks to its L-shaped, 2.5 mm thick steel structure.
It is sturdier than most workbenches that can be found on the market due its heavy weight and free-standing structure that guarantees working comfort and durability.
On request, a rubber mat can be inserted in the worktop so that you can place heavy or dirty objects without fear of damage.

Dimensions, cm LxHxP: 212 x 87.10 x 90
Available in 90 or 65cm depth

Référence  ETMG01 
Weight 120 kg
Option Stainless steel or nitrile coating
Option Stainless steel fluid recovery tank insert or
Stainless steel tank with mixing valve

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