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This workbench cabinet is the all-in-one solution for any mechanic!
If you are short on space, this bench will be big enough to store a large number of items, not forgetting the dustbin!

  • It features a 50 mm thick worktop that is sealed to prevent stains and damage.
  • Two large drawers with reinforced runners extend fully for easy access to your hand tools.
  • A large push sliding drawer system is used for the dustbin, which can also be easily accessed with a convenient opening on the worktop!
  • Three push sliding doors for storing bottled products, aerosol cans, paint and so on. Simply push the drawer and it opens automatically.
  • Built-in compartments on the worktop provide convenient storage for screws or parts that need to be kept safely when dissembling.
  • A trough at the back of the worktop is very handy and will prevent any screws rolling behind the bench...
  • A convenient 10 cm high strip for electrical sockets is provided under the worktop.

This cabinet is one of the basics of any installation, and no decent workshop could go without one!

Reference :                 MBMG01
Weight:                           145 kg
Available models: 90 cm and 65 cm on request.
Sockets optional: 
Drawers (L, P, H) :      2 x         915x475x 65 mm (usable interior dimensions)
                                   3x          265x420x275 mm
                                   1x          310x550x570 mm

Option:  tôle inox sur mesure.