Aménagement rangement garage

Specialist of garage and workshop storage since 2010

Who is it suitable for ?  Your garage measures at least 40 to 50 m². Suitable for a real DIY, car, motorcycling or quad enthusiast...
This range will provide all the comfort and organisation you need!

Just as top chefs always work in extremely functional kitchens, with this layout, the car wiz will have ideal working conditions:
5.85 m² of bench space! 6 drawers to store tools, a built-in dustbin, a storage cabinet for screws, another one for power tools with all their accessories stored away in drawers just below (drill bits, sand paper) and close at hand!

Everything at your fingertips and no hassle!

Included in this package: 6x MHMG01, 1x MHMG02, 1x MHMG03, 1x MHMG04, 1x AMMG01, 1x AMMG02, 1x AMMG03, 2x ETMG01, 1x MBMG01, 1x MBMG02, 1x MBMG03, 1x ACMG01, 1x ETMG02

Price: starting from 9496€ TTC

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