Aménagement rangement garage

Specialist of garage and workshop storage since 2010

Who is it suitable for ? People who need a workspace and bench structure that can support heavy loads.

This version of the Eco I range offers a very large 210 cm, steel structure workbench.
It provides plenty of working space to dissemble, repair and even place appliances.
The deep lower cabinet is used for storage, with everything easily at hand and totally independent of the bench structure.
There is free space to install a chair and work sitting down.
The set of two storage cabinets is a great advantage with this range. It can be used to organise tools and stocks of small parts such as screws, wall plugs and washers ...
There is space in the wall cabinets reserved for lighting over the worktop. An added advantage is a wall cabinet with an in-built paper towel holder for easy access.

Floor dimensions: 3.5m x 0.9m
Included in the package: MHMG01, 1x MHMG02, 1x AMMG01, 1x AMMG02, 1x ETMG01, 1x MBMG02.
Price: from 4172€ TTC .


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