Aménagement rangement garage

Specialist of garage and workshop storage since 2010

Who is it suitable for? People with a passion and who treat their garage like a second living room!

More than 11.5 m² of bench space! 4 storage cabinets measuring 210 cm in height, used to store small parts and tools ...
This layout features our entire furniture collection and provides superb working conditions!

Included in the package: 10x MHMG01, 1x MHMG02, 1x MHMG03, 2xMHMG04, 1 x AMMG01, 1x AMMG02, 1x AMMG03, 4xETMG01, 1xMBMG01, 3xMBMG02, 4xMBMG03, 3x ETMG02, 4x AMMG04, 1 xACMG01

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