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Specialist of garage and workshop storage since 2010

Customer's reviews

En résumé superbes prestations et un résultat au delà de nos attentes.
TRM garage a su créer une gamme de mobilier de garage alliant esthétisme et fonctionnalité optimale sans parler de la robustesse.
Disponibilité remarquable durant la phase d'étude, les monteurs n'ont rien lâché durant la pose, un seul objectif la satisfaction du client .
Longue vie pour cette PME de passionnés que je recommande les yeux fermés

TRM garage fournit de très bons produits et a surtout montré sa capacité d'adaptation à toutes les situations dans la conception sur mesure et lors de l'installation.
Je recommande vivement de prendre la prestation d'installation car la quantité de travail et le poids des éléments sont impressionnants.
Une PME de vrais pros , extrêmement serviables . Je les recommande !

Equipe très professionnelle, à l'écoute et réactive
Très belle prestation de pose
Avec respect des délais

TRM discreetly provided support and guided us appropriately, before adapting the best solution for this area of the house. Their advice, good customer relations and quality products resulted in an ideal installation with stunning results. Thank you again to all the team and good luck!

After a long wait, the furniture I ordered finally arrived. There were boxes and spare parts everywhere, I don't regret choosing the option of having the furniture assembled and installed. It took two people three days to get the work done, but what a fantastic result! It's sturdy, practical, well designed and BEAUTIFUL, very beautiful, more so than my wife's kitchen! ... With furniture like this, DIY is a pleasure. Thank you TRM Garage!

People with a passion serving people with a passion.... It is true that from the 3D project plans to reception of the furniture, the people at TRM Garage were available and responsive at all times, the deadlines were met and product quality is absolutely perfect. The result is really superb and practical. Well done for your unique design ideas. I recommend you without hesitation.

Your designs are superb!

Once again, thank you, and please continue because such quality furniture and all round service are so hard to find!

Once again, thank you, and please continue because such quality furniture and all round service are so hard to find! 

After searching for the most suitable company to design a dream garage, I found the company TRM. Its approach seemed the most professional and the most suitable and I was not disappointed... TRM Garage delivered a made-to-measure garage with all the features that make mechanics easier and present my car best. At TRM, they share the same passion as their customers and did a superb job, exceeding my expectations and paying attention to those small details that make the difference.

Again congratulations for your fast turnaround, it's great to do business with reliable and efficient people.

I think that your concept is very good and your products are great. All those who love beautiful cars dream of having such a stylish made-to-measure garage.

Congratulations for the fantastic work you have done. Once again, thank you for this amazing garage.

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