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Storage cabinet for small parts

This cabinet has 7 sliding drawers and is designed for storing spare parts in the various compartments.
We all have large quantities of screws, bolts, nuts and clamps that we unfortunately place wherever we can find a space or in boxes that end up being mixed together over time.

This cabinet is the answer to this problem, providing a fixed and lasting solution for storing small parts. No more hours spent searching for a screw...

  • 7 drawers on reinforced runners.
  • Each drawer features 30 compartments that can be adjusted or removed to suit your requirements.
  • Space is reserved for neon or LED lighting fixtures.
  • This cabinet's reinforced structure is designed to be self-standing; there is no need to fix it to the wall!
  • Due to its weight and design, the drawer extends fully without tipping the cabinet over.

Reference :                    AMMG01
Weight:                            135 kg
Drawers (L, P, H) :            610x620x130 mm (usable interior dimensions)